How does illume™ work?

illume™ automatically comes to life and adjusts itself as the sun makes its way across the sky. As with traditional skylights, the light emitted from an illume™ system is also affected by the presence of sunlight, cloud cover or overcast conditions, creating the feeling of harmony between external and internal lighting conditions.

Reasons to Choose illume™ 

Requires no mains power or batteries

No running costs

Easy to install

Suits multi - level dwellings

No insects collecting in the light diffuser

Fully Sealed - no leaks or heat transfer

Where to Place illume™

Any room in your house that is dark or requires a light on during the day is a great spot to install an illume™.

illume™ - The Skylight Alternative are also great for the garage, shed, attic or alfresco areas of your home.

Sizes Available

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